The Importance of Employer Communication

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In today’s incredibly competitive IT job market, it is crucial for employers to stay on top of their IT staffing needs. Doing so ensures that projects are completed on time and that current employees aren’t overloaded (and therefore less productive). Staying on top of staffing needs means more than just having recruiters source for open positions. It means connecting regularly with your recruiters to make sure good candidates are contacted early and often.

Good candidates are already hard to find, and making them wait for weeks or months to find out if they are even being considered for a position can be discouraging to them. Some candidates will move on to accept other positions because it can be frustrating to play the waiting game. In a competitive job market, high-quality candidates are often talking with more than one company. If they are coming off a contract, they are probably looking to start a new position fairly quickly. The longer you wait to schedule an interview with a good candidate, the better the chance that they have moved on.

As recruiters, we constantly maintain contact with our candidates, and those who have been submitted for open jobs are often anxious to hear back from us. Good communication is important for maintaining candidate relationships, and we rely on our clients to provide timely and useful feedback. To stay on top of your staffing needs, remember to keep the lines of communication open for potential candidates. You never know who you might miss.

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Why do we only staff IT positions?

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As our website literature says, we only match professionals to Information Technology positions. While many other staffing firms fill industrial or administrative positions in addition to IT, Astra Solutions chooses to focus only on IT.

We are a boutique staffing agency, meaning that our specialization in Information Technology allows us to focus only in that area. When we focus on the industry we know, we deliver superior results. Astra Solutions is owned and operated by an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Our staff is familiar with “mumbo jumbo,” and we understand what specific skills our clients are looking for in candidates. Because we know IT, we can submit highly qualified candidates who are a true match for the position.

Candidates can be assured that we will never submit them to a position for which they are not qualified. We do not try to fit a square peg in a round hole, so to speak.

So, to answer the question, we only staff IT positions because it’s what we know, and because doing so allows us to provide only the highest level of service to both clients and candidates.

Astra Solutions matches IT professionals with IT jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Houston. Click here for more information and to apply for open IT jobs.

Using an IT Staffing Firm to Build Your Team

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A staffing firm can be one of the most valuable resources for a company with IT personnel needs. There are several reasons to use an IT staffing agency to fill your needs.

Quality of Candidates/Hires

A staffing firm that specializes in the field for which you are hiring can provide pre-screened, pre-interviewed candidates for your consideration. A staffing firm can also help fill obscure positions or those that require unique or high-demand skill sets. This save you time and money because the staffing firm handles all of these preliminary tasks. When the candidate gets to you, you can rest assured that they’re a good match for the position. Our success depends on the placement of quality candidates.

Timing of Hires

Staffing firms often draw from a pool of candidates and can often fill positions more quickly than an in-house recruiter. Staffing firms have access to a multitude of tools for finding qualified candidates. The faster filling time can ease the minds of both company and candidate.


While contracted employees often make more than their full-time counterparts, companies save money in other areas, such as recruitment costs and employee benefits. And, because a high-caliber candidate performs well, companies can save on production costs and overhead.

Things to Consider

Don’t use just any staffing firm. Use a staffing firm that specializes in finding only candidates in the field for which you are hiring. For example, Astra Solutions recruits only for IT positions.

Consider your job description carefully. Having a thorough written job description helps recruiters find better candidates to fill positions. The more we know, the better we can match skills to needs.

Read more about our client philosophy hereAstra Solutions works with businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Houston to fill positions in IT. Call us at 918-747-8600 for more information on how we can meet your IT staffing needs.