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Looking to learn more about Mobile Web Development? Maybe you would like to see if your development skills would be better put to use as a Salesforce Application Developer? We have a place for you: offers FREE, college level technical courses that you are free to go through at your own pace. Whether you are just beginning your career in IT, or perhaps you are looking for a new path, might be able to give you a better idea of what is out there.

Technical Majors Top the List

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Technical majors top the list of most highly paid majors for the class of 2013, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ September 2013 salary survey.

The top-paid majors for the class of 2013 bachelor’s degree graduates:

  1. Petroleum engineering: $96,200
  2. Computer engineering: $70,300
  3. Chemical engineering: $66,900
  4. Computer science: $64,100
  5. Aerospace/aeronautical/astronautical engineering: $63,900
  6. Mechanical engineering: $63,900
  7. Electrical/electronics and communications engineering: $62,500
  8. Engineering technology: $60,900
  9. Management information systems/business: $60,300
  10. Logistics/materials management: $59,500

NACE compiles the report using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau and a master data set developed by Job Search Intelligence.

Computer related majors represented two out of the five highest-paid bachelor’s level degrees. Many companies right-here in Oklahoma are actively interviewing qualified candidates with these specific degrees.

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Why Choose IT?

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Information Technology (IT) is a specialized field with a diverse and varied range of possible job opportunities. Many people choose to go into IT after working in another field, and for good reason. IT is a great field of work. Here are some reasons why we think IT is an excellent career choice.

Demand. IT is everywhere, in pretty much every industry. Everyone needs to stay connected and everyone needs systems that keep their business flowing smoothly. There is no lack for demand.

Opportunities. From programming, to project management, to network administration, the opportunities and niches in IT are vast and varied.

Flexibility. Contract jobs are plentiful and many IT professionals make a career from completing specialized contract jobs. This offers flexibility in location and pay, and allows you to control which companies you work for.

Pay. IT jobs pay well for highly skilled, well-trained people. While money isn’t the only important factor in choosing a career, the great pay and economic stability offered in the IT world is hard to beat.

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If you have IT positions to fill and would like to talk with us about how we can help, please call us at 918-747-8600.

How to cast your line for jobs

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If you’re a new graduate, you’ve surely been networking your heart out to find job openings that fit your skills. You have, haven’t you? If you’re about to graduate or if you’ve just accomplished that goal, it’s time to put those feelers out.

When to begin? Now.

If you know what you want to do with your life, this part will be easy. If you’re like most new graduates, you’re really not sure. It will take some extra research on your part, but for those who are unsure of what move to make, casting your line is a great place to start.

How do I cast my line?

Start with who you know. Make a phone call or send an email to people you know who work in the field in which you want to work. Or even people who have interesting jobs for which you might be qualified. Ask them about openings their company has or how you can get your foot in the door.

Work with a staffing agency. Yes, we’re biased, but there’s a reason for that. Working with a staffing agency, especially one that specializes in your field, can help you get your foot in the door at some of the greatest companies, both large and small. Astra specializes in IT staffing, so if you’re in the IT field, we definitely want to talk with you. Call us at 918-747-8600 or email your resume to

Google it. Search for companies that you might want to work for and send them an introductory email. Let them know you’re interested in the field and send them your resume. Try to reach the HR manager or the owner, if it’s a small company. Be professional and polite, and highlight your best skills and accomplishments in your introductory email or phone call.

What’s next?

Follow up, if needed. If not, keep casting. You’re bound to catch a big one sooner or later, if you’ll pardon the cheesy fishing reference.



Learning C# – Resources

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As the demand for C# grows, many IT professionals decide to add new skills to their arsenal. Learning a programming language and taking on side projects can be a great way to make yourself more marketable. Plus, C# developers are in high demand right now in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

So what’s the best way to start learning C#? You could take a college course. Tulsa Community College offers several programming courses, including C#. If you’re not the collegiate type, there are some great resources around the web to get you started.

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Women in IT

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It’s no secret that men outnumber women in Information Technology, and the number of women is still decreasing. For reasons yet unknown, fewer women are interested in computer science and management information systems degrees. As a woman and an IT professional, I see opportunity. Industry analysts believe that IT will become less about technical ability and more about delivering customer satisfaction and solving complex problems. Good communication skills and relationship building are often associated with women, according to Mary Lou Roberts. For women who are considering a career change or those who want to add skills to their resumes, this is where the opportunity lies.

There are several ways to build these soft skills and position yourself for a job in IT.

Write (more). If you’re already writing, write more. If you don’t write, learn to. Fortunately, there are several powerful and free tools to help you accomplish this. is a free blogging platform that can serve as a stage for your thoughts on a variety of subjects. Start by blogging about what you know, but keep the theme of your blog focused and meaningful. Write for your audience. Write often, and don’t neglect it. Set reminders on your phone and calendar to keep you on track. Writing publicly is a great way to show your expertise on a subject and help you learn and grow professionally. You may even meet new people, which is where our next point comes in…

Network. Networking may sound like a lot of work, but each time you talk to someone new, you are building your communication and relationship skills. Go to local MeetUps, Chamber of Commerce breakfasts, and group meetings for professionals that have similar skills (such as web development, project management, or SQL Server). Meeting new people can lead to many positive things, not the least of which is a job in IT.

Take a class or get a certification. Education is never a bad thing, and learning something new only makes you more marketable. Industry certifications like the CCNA, PMP, or MCITP look great on a resume and are even required for some IT jobs. Up your competitive level by holding acertification in your desired field.

Utilize your current job. Take on new and challenging projects to build your problem-solving skills. Initiative and a proactive attitude can impress managers and coworkers, and extra projects give you more opportunity for anecdotal evidence of your problem-solving abilities.

Learn how to negotiate. In a country where women are still paid unfairly, it is important to learn to bargain and to stand your ground effectively. A recent story on Forbes reveals that only 26% of women are comfortable negotiating, compared to 40% of men. Check out the article for tips and advice on negotiating.

In a field dominated by men, women can set themselves up for success. Be positive, learn to negotiate, network, and build those soft skills. Women have the opportunity to fill a unique need in the IT world, but we must step out of our comfort zone to do so.

Astra Solutions matches IT professionals with IT jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Houston. Click here for more information and to apply for open IT jobs.