Quick Resume Refresh Tips

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If it’s been a while since you’ve hunted for a job, your resume probably needs an update. Here are some things you can do to update it quickly and effectively.

Research your target job. Doing this can clue you in to keywords and phrases that should be included somewhere on your resume. Review as many job descriptions and postings as you can to get an idea of the hard and soft skills employers are looking for. Then make sure to highlight those skills on your resume. Don’t lie, but if you have the skill, include it!

Focus on your achievements. Be sure to state the detailed results of your job performance. You might include duties as well, but make sure you highlight how you achieve results. This will show employers that you’re valuable to your company.

Fill in the gaps. If you’re not currently working, take on side projects or work part time in your field. Find some way to gain relevant experience and fill in the employment gaps. If you need more help filling in the gaps, check out our previous blog article on filling in those pesky resume gaps.

Proofread. Clean things up and check out your formatting on more than one computer. Have a few friends check it for errors and phrasing. If you know anyone who is a hiring manager or a recruiter, have them take a look as well. You can also email it to Astra at hr@astra-solutions.com and we’ll take a look at it for you.

Make sure you include all your recent and relevant experience, and do a Google search for great resume examples for your field.

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