Our Commitment to You

Our Commitment to You

We are not a body shop.   We will never treat you like a commodity to be bought and sold. Astra Solutions’ Senior Management comes from an IT background - not a sales background. We know and value IT people. Our deep understanding of technology combined with our intimate knowledge of our clients’ technical requirements, company culture, and compensation packages allow us to find the ideal position for you. We will never oversell your capabilities in order to get an interview. We work with you to make sure the company is a fit not only technically, but also culturally. Respect for IT professionals is a cornerstone of our company philosophy. Give us a chance and find out the difference for yourself.

It's All About Respect

There are a lot of staffing companies out there.  Some say they know and understand IT – but do they? How many specialize in IT? Do they also staff welders, accountants, and administrative assistants?

Astra Solutions is IT only. We specialize in what we know. With our deep understanding of technology and technology people, we are ideally suited to represent you.

We understand what our clients are looking for. Through working with you, we can determine if there is a match. We will never “blindly” submit your resume to anyone without your knowledge and explicit consent. We will treat you with respect, follow up with you, and give you honest feedback.

The fact that Astra is owned and operated by an IT professional speaks volumes about our commitment to other IT professionals. Our clients know the difference. Give us a call. Let us show you the difference.